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Do you feel like they are trying to unite the American political, social, and economical system that makes up the US culture? Feels to me like they are drunk with power and looking at their fellow countrymen as enemies of the state. I’ve heard cable news NPC’s casually “spitball” droning Americans in the US. McCain, the offspring of a bloodthirsty war hawk, has suggested Gitmo for patriots. I guess I should be relieved when I hear talk of just “re-education camps.”

Who Can You Trust? | St. James Manotick

I am not!! I’m absolutely terrified of these people. they have a loosely organized terror system designed to pressure their way into absolute domination. The Anti-Fa, BLM, as well the usual union thugs and police unions and jackboots are clearly in league together. That’s why Pelosi can brush off claims of riots and demand that people take to the streets, indefinitely? Maxine Waters can scream at her constituents to get into the personal space of congress people they disagree with. To politely make their case and act like a civil human being? Nope. She screamed for the crowd to surround them and tell them they aren’t welcome anywhere.

Trump though!!!!!

Ya Trump planned a speech and a peaceful protest to give voice to the millions of Americans that feel cheated.The infantile abuse of the impeachment process has now been disgraced twice. Once on a sitting president and then on a completely private citizen. All for what? Is this the new politicking? If you upset the majority party you get impeached? High crimes and misdemeanors. That’s what is required to impeach. The crime here is false prosecution, slander, and blatant perjury. Everyone who spoke of Trump to further his impeachment should be brought up on conspiracy to defraud the US congress and obstruction of justice by misusing scarce resources that could have gone to the pursuit of actual crimes.

These scumbags are not even trying to be civil to anyone who might have voted just against Biden. No! Every vote for Trump is a citizen that needs to be fixed. Living in the North Bay in Ca, I am surrounded by lunatics. I had a client today that couldn’t refute a word I said about the democrats fueling the riots with their open endorsements of more and more. Yet when I asked why Trump was uniquiley guilty of incitement when he has been totally consistent on riots and what they deserve, I was offered a vague, flustered and incoherent, because of everything he’s done, answer. I broke it off there before my easy temper could be totally drained.

The Latest Race Riots: Justified Rage, Unjustified Violence

This “man” explained to me about how I have privilege that I clearly don’t appreciate and I should consider the feelings of those minorities who suffer so greatly in America. This was it for me. I told him I’d never seen a group[ of white thugs hurt any black person. That I have seen it personally when it’;s blacks hurting whites. That I wouldn’t except his projection on to me, of his own spoiled trust fund ass and guilty conscience for what, I don’t know.

Can’t wait to be FROM Ca!

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