My Buddy and Florida

A good friend of mine went to visit his mom in Florida for the last week. He absolutely fell in love. Absolute freedom to go restaurants, bars, and concerts. More people without masks than with, He took a $25 boat ride to a private island and got to hang out on some private paradise fior $25. The pricing on everything was half that of California. There’s no homeless people stacked up like human waste. He marveled at how clean, nice, and normal it was.

I just drank it in and tried to be happy for him, if only for a week.

Then on their way home his girlfriend lets out a sigh. I guess this was unusual compared to the last week, because he asked, her, what’s wrong? They were coming into SFO and the filth was visible well before landing. Then they experienced Cali service and “give a fuck less:” service from everyone. They drove through a hollowed out city thats reported 30,000 + homeless people living, shooting up, and shitting on the taxpayers public commons.

SF and LA are monuments to liberalism. They are single party ruled cities. Cities with entrenched elite political , educational, and “woke capitalism” corruption that dwarfs any third world nobody, nowhere. These lunatics are dangerous and unhinged. The only thing scarier than open elitist talk of reeducation, gitmo, and drones for thought criminal American Citizens, are the sheep doing nothing, at all right now. Nor do they see this for what it is, WAR!!

You fucking losers had better act soon or fuck right off when you get what you never even fought against. I’m doing everything I can, talking, refusing to mask my face, and risking my job talking to liberals i think have a chance at redemption. Nothing. I’m moving out of state because the detachment has increased and might as well be fatal.

You let them take everything. Possibly give a generation PTSD over no threat to them at all. Showed them you will obey if they lie about or come across any health “crisis” real or exaggerated. You people showed your hands and it was a bloodbath. Bluffing with off suit 3 and 7. Oh I’d never… Bullets first… YA RIGHT. You have done nothing and are pathetically losing what wasn’t your making, sustaining,, or even keeping, let alone pass down.

Fucking shame. More and more every day. Is this really it? The “patriots” of paper tigers? Fucking cowards compared to 12- year old Palestinians. I Am the minority of one. Better to die on my feet than live on my knees.

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