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Dear Baby Boomers,

This is likely to be a recurring theme in my writing. The reason is, is that my world was so totally and completely shaped by the Baby Boomer generation. Being born in 1981 it’s a miracle I was born at all. My mother was 16 when she had me and even her Boomer mom wanted her to kill me, for the “embarrassment”, even though my mother married my father. He just happened to go to prison when I was 6 months old, but that’s another story.

My mother is one tough cookie. She met her next husband working at a computer company near Sacramento. We moved into a white middle class small town that was a fantastic place to live. The land of vacant lots, creeks, and nothing but payphones. Free range for sure.

Even with my “troubled’ beginnings, I started kindergarten knowing how to read. I was rambunctious but smart. This began the Baby Boomer fork in my life. Looking back, this was where the Boomer establishment went to war with classical family structure and normal development offered by such tried and true parenting.

This is where I was held back a grade due to my being “emotionally” undeveloped. According to the teachers who knew me as a number my behavior wasn’t boredom due to a sharp mind, but immaturity when compared to my classmates. HOLD HIM BACK.

This didn’t “fix” my scholastic “difficulties”. My passions were clearly showing themselves as a third grader. I liked comedy, history, and I devoured books. I wasn’t good at math and in 4th grade I missed a whole year of school because of health issues. I never recovered this deficit. I became crafty enough to get by without it.

At least kinda.

Math class was where I acted out. So much so that my teachers were determined to have me medicated with amphetamines. On several occasions my mother fended off various vultures that wished to prey on my psyche to make class more docile. Instead I was subjected to humiliation. Desks at the back of the room pointed towards the wall. Total exclusion from the group. Eventual classes for dummies.

I grew up during the progressive mantras like “Just Say No”, “this is your brain on drugs”, and the splitting kids up based upon criteria. By high school I was in the classes that purely put money in the schools pockets for attendance. In high school English we got extra credit for word puzzles. Math never got above basic multiplication. Guess this is where the majority of those that did get lost, were seriously bad off.

Those kids I went to high school with and remain in and out of prison. Working shit jobs. A couple of us guys got something better for ourselves. Those of us that did got out quick. I “dropped out” as a freshman. Dropped the BS and started living for me and I’ve never looked back.

If you look close, this plan was laid out by Boomers. This is a disgusting way to treat children ands to call it education is insulting. Education in what? What to do? What to think? How to behave? This is spooky if you care to just fucking look at what your kids are being taught.

If you are white, you are an oppressive, brat that rules the world through magical racial privilege. That merit is crap. Where do you fall on the oppressed scale. Truth is subjective. Racism is only a white crime. Slavery has only ever been committed by whites. Whites are by nature evil. America is by nature “white supremacist”. On and on…. All shit I’ve heard my whole life. All Boomer “philosophy”.

Let this be my open letter, to this generation who will be marked in history as the ones who hated their own progeny. I say open not because I really care to hear your response. More that it will be an ongoing record of the deeds wrought by you and yours, against me and mine. Everything from turning housing into investment vehicles, to flooding the roles with illegals to watch your kids and mow your lawns. I wanna get that record going now while some of you can see, how I see, your “contributions” to our FU**ED UP society.

For your entertainment/outrage/indifference, I don’t give a fuck.

Sincerely Mine,

David Baker

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