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The facts are seemingly clear. the election process is not legitimate at all. To what degree? Who knows. Trump got something like 10 million new votes. Even with all the shenanigans it still stinks.

So here we go with Mr Biden and his resident cop, Kamala. They are going to embolden the democratic wing nuts that are drunk with power, not seen since ancient Rome. I tried to buy a very plain jane and popular handgun today. I’m number 16 on the waiting list. I was able to get ammo with a binder of paper work.

I know that the people I live around know they are living a lie. They understand, fundamentally, that panties on your face are not PPE. They have access to the absolute bloodbath the lockdowns are having on Africa. They know the WHO has walked back their lockdown advice to a full reversal and openly bragged nations not to pursue this as a means for covid control.

This isn’t partisan, it’s a line in the sand. Are you the owner of your body and the risks and rewards it is capable of? Or, are you a coward that refuses to do what’s right? Protecting your way of life. Protecting your family from fear based control. Protecting the very definition of what life or “the pursuit of happiness” means.

The US is bankrupt. Morally, spiritually and financially the American citizen is defeated. The great reset is coming. What side of history are you planning to be part of?

Coastal cities and states are full of zombies and criminals. I aspire to live around folks who differ on the fine points but hold steady when it counts. Planning your relocation now is best. Everyday the places you have in mind are filling up and prices will follow.

Check out zillow for the Reno area. coming from the Bay Area, it’;s shocking.

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