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California Burns The Citizens suffer

The amount of forest lands in Texas outnumber our forests in Cali. The state of Texas isn’t going through this. The state forests are heavily regulated when it comes to private use. Hunting requires permits, tags, and many rules governing the amount, size and sex of the game you can take. You are not allowed to remove a rock, dead wood, or a pinecone from a state forest without committing poachingh.

The state offers contracts to huge corporations to use drilling, mining, and fracking to deplete the resources that are commonly owned by the tax paying conservators of the state commons. We hold them in trust for our children and so on.

In Alaska the state citizens are compensated for the depletion of their resources. Contrast that with California. We pay double the cost on gas, even though we produce oil. In Colorado they found that the tax increase from cannabis was too much to keep in good conscience. Colorado residents received either tax credits or less taxes taken to bring value to all of the Colorado residents, even if they were against it.

50 to 60% Of California is undeveloped. The entire coastline is beautiful and empty. Baby-Boomers have decided that anymore people after them is too many. The economic devastation of northern California is an ongoing project to rid the land size of Oregon to be for nature. in case you don’t know, you aren’t natural.

The insistence upon the lower half of the state to keep their neighbors up north in political and economic irrelevance is a microcosm of the wider countries ongoing division. Civil war is not necessary. It will happen when the left refuses to give into letting others live without their permission. All they have to do is say,”You guys can go over there and we’ll go over here. we’ll be living star trek. while you guys bring back slavery.”

They call 63,000,000 Americans racists, bigots, and white supremacists. Yet they refuse to peacefully separate and show their philosophy in real time.

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